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Chevy Pickup – 3100 Series 1955, ’56, ’57

Chevy Pickup – 3100 series 1955, ’56, ’57

The Chevy 3100 series Pickups are extremely popular with classic collectors. Devotees who collect light trucks and hot rods love the body styling of the 3100 series and many have been restored to an outstanding condition.

The Chevrolet 3100 series pickup was a breath of fresh air for light duty pickups. Prior to the 1950’s, most manufacturers focused on functionality rather than looks but that all changed in 1955 with the arrival of the Chevy 3100 series and its sculpted doors, fender panels, lower flat roof and a wrap around windshield. Indeed, this was the worlds first such windshield

The Chevrolet 3100 series was notable for a number of firsts. It was the first new design Chevy truck since world war 2. It was also the first truck to offer automatic transmission and the first truck that came with an optional V8 engine. Engine options included the 265 V-8 offering 154 horsepower, the more powerful 283 V-8 providing 220 horsepower and the basic 235 inline six-cylinder delivering 123 horsepower.

Chevrolets from 1955, ‘56 and ’57 were very desirable when they were first produced and continue to be a favourite with classic collectors.

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