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Tri-Five Chevy

Tri-Five Chevy

Tri-fives was a nickname created in later years to identify the 3 Chevys from ’55, ’56 and ’57. They were styled in a way that was iconic of the era in which they were made and fall into a class of their own. The most notable models were the 150, the 210, the Bel Air and the Nomad.

The 1955 model rightly earned the nickname ‘The Hot One’ after the introduction of the optional 256 cubic inch V8 and power glide automatic. It was Chevrolets first small block V8 and had lively performance. It also had the of being easy to modify. The Tri-fives were so successful that they remained in production for decades. The number of engines manufactured is estimated to be in excess of 90 million.

During the first production year, oil filters were an optional extra as were radios. Tri-Five buyers also had the option to add a 12V plug in electric shaver thus allowing them to shave whilst sitting in traffic!

For the first time in years, Ford actually outsold Chevy in 1957. However, a 1957 Bel Air is now one of the most sought-after classics ever produced.

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