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1934 Ford V8 Cabriolet

1934 Ford V8 Cabriolet

Here is a stunning example of a 1934 Ford V8.

In 1934, Ford updated their V8 range with a more powerful engine and a few styling changes. The 1934 Ford V8 was officially called the Model 40 and was available in a number of configurations. These included the 3 Window Coupe, 5 Window Coupe, a 2 Door Cabriolet and a 2 Door Roadster. Ford added a touch of class in the form of a running greyhound cast radiator cap. Body-colour fenders were also offered at no extra charge.

The combination of a relatively light body and a powerful V8 engine made it a fast car for its time. The police were amongst the earliest champions of the 1934’s and were inspired by its explosive speed. This was a real boost in helping to chase crooks who were stealing Fords to outrun the law. One such criminal was Clyde Barrow (of Bonny and Clyde fame). He cheekily wrote to Henry Ford exulting the virtues of the V8 engine.

The final production year of the Model B was 1934 but cars of this era soon adopted the colloquial name of V8 Fords.

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